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COOLING CENTERS Available throughout the county!!!

Too hot at home? Need a place to chill during extreme weather conditions? Click on the image below to obtain a list of the cooling centers near you.

Cooling Centers


Gala 2014

Click Here for Highlights of the 2014 Gala

Calendar of Events & Food Distributions

To access February's list of CAPSBC Events, Click here.


 The calendar of events includes CAB meetings, HEAP Workshops offsite, IDA Workshops, Food bank Distribution sites and Soup kitchen sites and meal times calendar and much more..

2016 Poverty Symposium

2016 Poverty Symposium – An advocacy project in support of San Bernardino County low-income families and individuals.  For an event re-cap click here.

Poverty Symposium

2014-2015 Community Action Plan

CAPSBC's 2014-2015 Community Action Plan for download.
ARRA Report

Strategic Plan 2011-2021
Strategic PlanThe Strategic Plan for 2011 – 2021, continues to build upon our priorities and help us work toward our shared vision of a premier social service agency that eliminates the effects of poverty by empowering people to obtain the knowledge and skills to achieve self-reliance and economic stability…one life at a time. The Plan will continually remind us of our Focus on Excellence as we continue our journey to be the best of the best in Community Action Agencies.
Support Upcoming Food Drives/Events on behalf of CAPSBC's Food Bank
How to become a Food Bank Agency

The CAPSBC Food Bank offers three feeding programs to nonprofit agencies:

  • The USDA food distribution program
  • Donated food or “salvage food” program
  • Congregate Feeding Program or “soup kitchens”   

Before applying to become an affiliate agency nonprofits are encouraged to visit local affiliates of the CAPSBC Food Bank during their distribution of food so that you know what to expect.  We currently are only processing applications in areas that:

a)Do not already have an affiliate agency providing food.
b)Are in an area that would replace an agency we are currently delivering to.
c)Are in areas of the county that are undeserved.
d)If you’re nonprofit is currently serving 300 or more person per month (and have documentation to support that claim).

If you are in the city of San Bernardino you can go to Google map of San Bernardino to locate our current feeding sites to see where your nonprofit is in conjunction to existing  sites or you can check our website at bank/feeding sites to locate which sites are currently providing food in your area.  
Nonprofits wishing to apply to become an affiliate agency with the CAPSBC Food Bank must be willing to serve the public as a whole and not solely your group or congregation.

To apply:
Once you have determined that you are in an area that is not currently being served by one of our affiliates; Write a letter of intention (letters must be submitted on your nonprofits letterhead signed by the CEO or head of your agency, members or volunteers cannot apply). Letters of intent can be addressed to:
The CAPSBC Food Bank
678 S Tippecanoe Ave
San Bernardino Ca 92408

NO COST Weatherization Services!

FREE Weatherization

CAPSBC can help you save money through energy saving measures.





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  CAPSBC is the leader in:


  • Establishing innovative programs that provide families with a safe and healthy environment.
  • Challenging individuals to achieve positive results towards personal and collective prosperity.
  • Promoting personal growth and creating opportunities for asset building.


Job Opportunities at CAPSBC

Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County offers great career opportunities. Below are the most recently posted job positions. Click on the links to obtain more detail on each position:

Outreach Worker
Clerk I
Quality Control Technician
EEES Warehouse Assistant,
WX Crew Techician
Class A Driver\Warehouse Worker


Programs and Services offered at CAPSBC


In an effort to improve customer service, Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County is now able to be reached via email through the respective links below as alternative way to contacting us via phone for any service inquiries or to make Utilty Assistance Appointments. You may click on the service name link to learn more details about each service.


Telephone/Email Customer Satisfaction Survey

Please take a moment to let us know how we are doing in improving our telephone/website customer service.

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Home Energy Assistance Program Utility Assistance -Provides energy education, and processes applications for utility bill assistance for income eligible clients to provide an annual CREDIT ranging from $201 to $334, which can be applied towards GAS or ELECTRIC accounts, OR $350 towards WOOD, OR up to $600 towards PROPANE.  Emergency HEAP utility bill assistance is available for income eligible clients with a FINAL CALL or SHUT OFF notice. An appointment must be made via phone or through the email link below for Emergency Assistance.




If you have Internet Explorer 10, you may have issues submitting the form below. If so, you may also complete a fillable form online and click on the email button at the top of the form. Either way you submit, your request will reach us and will be handled in the same manner.

HEAP Assistance Request Form

If you have already been serviced for the current PROGRAM YEAR, your request will be denied
Please DO NOT forget to first download/read the HEAP Utility Assistance Requirements below this form.

Name DOB
Best Phone No. Alt Phone
Do you have a Disconnection Notice?
YES (You must provide proof at appt to be seen)
Disc Date
NO (A application packet will be emailed)

Have you been served with HEAP Utility Assistance in the past?
If so, you must provide the address at which you were served below


If Yes, WhatProgram Year

Service Address:
State Zip
Check if Same as Address above
State Zip

Important info you would like to share

Reach HEAP Utility Assistance via email:
Email us if you have questions on a current open application or have any questions. For HEAP Utility Assitance Requests for eligible clients, please use the form above or the online fillable form option. Only eligible requests with a disconnect notice will be considered for an appointment. If further information is needed from client, only ONE courtesy call will be made. Unreachable clients will need to resubmit request. Requests without a disconnection notice will be emailed an application packet to process via regular mail.

HEAP Field Outreach Calendar:

CAPSBC offers HEAP Field Outreach clinics in hard to reach areas of San Bernardino County every month. Click on the link to the right to obtain the latest monthly calendar.

Reach HEAP Utility Assistance via phone: English (909) 723-1500, Opt 2, then Opt 3, Opt1 for new clients , Opt 2 for existing clients
Spanish (909) 723-1500, Opt 1, Opt 2, then Opt 1 for new clients, Opt 2 for existing clients

General Eligibility Requirements:
(actual elibility qualification will be determined by a HEAP Outrach Specialist)

HEAP Utility Assistance Eligibilty Requirements

Energy, Education, and Environmental Services (EEES) - Provides energy education, weatherization and energy conservation assistance to eligible low-income residents, including appliance repair and replacement, and processes applications for utility assistance through the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), including wood and propane.  EEES provides environmental services for hazardous lead-based paint conditions in homes.  

Reach EEES Weatherization via email:
Reach EEES Weatherization via phone: English (909) 723-1500, Opt 2, then Opt 1 for new clients, Opt 2 for existing clients
Spanish (909) 723-1500, Opt 1, Opt1, then Opt 1 for new clients, Opt 2 for existing clients

General Eligibility Requirements:
(actual elibility qualification will be determined in person by an Outrach Specialist)

Weatherization Services Eligibilty Requirements

Family Development Program (FDP) - Provides emergency assistance to needy families and individuals to include:  rental assistance, motel vouchers, food vouchers, bus passes, information and referral, etc. FDP also operates a 7-unit transitional housing program called Obershaw House for homeless families, provides holistic case management and supportive services in addition to coordinating events for children such as an annual summer camp and a children’s Christmas celebration.      

Reach FDP via email:
Reach FDP via phone: English (909) 723-1500, Opt 3
Spanish (909) 723-1500, Opt 1, Opt2

General Eligibility Requirements:
(actual elibility qualification will be determined in person by an FDP Specialist)

General FDP Eligibilty Requirements

Individual Development Accounts (IDA) - A two to one cash-matched savings program that allows low-to moderate-income wage earners to save towards acquisition of assets to build future stability for their families.  IDA participants may work toward homeownership, starting or expanding a small business, or post-secondary education. 

Reach IDA via email:

Reach IDA via phone:

English (909) 723-1500, Opt 3
Spanish (909) 723-1500, Opt 1, Opt2

General Eligibility Requirements:
(actual elibility qualification will be determined in person by an FDP Specialist)

General IDA Eligibilty Requirements

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Programs - Programs that assist low income families through the tax code.  At VITA sites, residents can have their taxes prepared and filed free of charge.  Eligible families with children may use the EITC and Child Tax Credit to secure a greater refund. This service is only available during tax season.

Reach VITA via email:
Reach vITA via phone: English (909) 723-1500, Opt 3
Spanish (909) 723-1500, Opt 1, Opt2

General Eligibility Requirements:
(actual elibility qualification will be determined in person by an FDP Specialist)

Must make under $50,000 per year and be a resident of San Bernardino County. 

Food Bank - Provides food for low-income residents throughout San Bernardino County through government surplus commodity distributions and salvage food agencies through a network of approximately 170 non-profit and charitable organizations and congregate feeding agencies (soup kitchens). 

Reach the Food Bank via email:
Reach Food Bank via phone: English (909) 723-1500, Opt 4
Spanish (909) 723-1500, Opt 1, Opt 3

General Eligibility Requirements
and other important info

General USDA and Salvage Food Eligibilty Requirements

Food Giveaway Sites

How to Donate

How to become a feeding site




Send questions regarding programs and services to the respective contact person in our directory.  Other technical comments on this website can be submitted to

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